[1337] Elite

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The Elite Amongst the Elite

Clan [1337] Elite

This clan was made by LancerEvolutionX, kaves, and xxix.

We look forward to recruiting capable, skilled players to help with our cause and become the very best around by our joined effort.

What we can offer:

- beautiful pink tag to strike fear in the hearts of your opponents.
- enjoyable company of some of the best CW players on kong.
- we plan outside means of communication for the clan members, possibly IRC or something similiarly easy to use.

- active website [ under construction ]
- active forums [ under contruction ]
- fame

Requirements for applicants:

Level: 59+
K/D: 1.50+

Fulfiling these conditions doesn’t guarantee you’ll be accepted. All applicants will be further tested in-game, and the decision will be made mainly based on your in-game performance. If you don’t meet the requirements, but do outstandingly well ingame, an exception will be made and you can join us without meeting the requirements.

Join us!!! (Application Forms)

Kongregate Name:
Activity/Are you willing to contribute the decided amount of weekly exp:
A little bit about you, why should we pick you:

If you’re interested in joining our cause, feel free to PM LancerEvolutionX, xxix, or kaves, with your application on kongregate.  A recruitment center also exists under "clan details".

A Contract Wars Clan

Contracts Wars is the modern free2play AAA MMOFPS developing as the browser-based application for Kongregate.

CW is the world of the near future in which all power decisions are spent by the private military companies (PMC).

Gain respect fighting side by side with your friends in full-fledged first-person shooter with a great arsenal, RPG features, leveling, achievements and tons of unlocks.
Play on different maps in different gamemodes, earn experience points and unlock new weapons and equipment.
C’mon, get into fight!

Features (not final):
- AAA graphics
- 5 gamemodes, 12 maps
- 55+ modern firearms
- 100+ unique skills for 6 PMC classes
- 160+ contracts
- 60+ achievements
- 30+ weapon modification tasks
- realistic hardcore mode for high-levels
- and more

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